Testimonials from Fun Science USA events and Van de Graaff generator hire.

“Electrically charged props to @FunScienceBath for helping to make #md19 a truly hair raising experience. More boffin creds for @meetdraw”
-Feedback from a networking event in Bournemouth. Click here to view the original tweet

“This is such a great idea! It’s good to have something different to do between films”
A lady at the Gothic Film Festival where we organised a ‘Frankensteins Lab’

Click here to view a video of Fun Science USA’s Van de Graaff generator at the Gothic Film Festival in Leeds. Watch out for the (intentional) shock at the end!

Why is there less feedback for our events than any other services?
We have only been offering science event services for a very limited time so have only appeared at a few events so far. However, we hope to soon fill this page up with lots of great event feedback! For now please visit out events page to find out more.