Workshops for Schools

Science workshops for schools

Get to grips with a topic with a fully practical workshop arranged and delivered by one of our highly trained scientists. All our scientists are fully trained and will use our range of exciting equipment to make your topic come to life in the classroom. Workshops are generally run for a whole class but classes can be combined to fit your budget.


We are able to come up with workshops on most topics so if you had something in mind then do get in touch. Alternatively our most popular workshops are outlined below. 

Chemical and physical reactions – exploring reversible and irreversible changes with slime making, foaming potions, a giant lemonade fountain and colour changing liquids.

It’s Electrifying! – Looking at different types of electricity, making a human circuit, sticking hair up in the air with our amazing Van de Graaff generator and even making electricity inside.

Science of sweets – This session focuses on carbon dioxide and how it is used to make fizzy drinks and sweets. Children will be making their own sherbet to take home and even seeing how candy floss is made.

Human body – This is one of our most disgusting sessions (and one of the most popular!) with poo making, mucus mixing and looking at a real heart. Children will also have a chance to test their heart rate with some high tech equipment including stethoscopes and a pulse oximeter.

Explosive science – Children will be investigating the difference between an eruption and an explosion and creating their own. They will also make their own explosive rockets to take home and take part in a giant rocket launch.

CSI – Help us solve a crime by analysing samples, dusting for fingerprints and hunting for clues! Children will become forensic scientists and work to solve a crime in an hour. If you like we can even use teachers as ‘suspects’!

We currently have just one branch in the USA in Killeen, Texas. Click here to contact Fun Science Killeen. If you are based in the UK click here to visit our UK site.