What if my child wants to invite more than 20 children to their party?
No problem! Extra children are charged at just $3 each to account for the extra equipment we need to provide.

How long are your parties?

Parties range from 45 minutes to 70 minutes though we are happy to negotiate a longer party if this is what you require. Each package has it’s time written next to it on our birthday parties page (see menu above). Please note, all times are approximations and may vary slightly (by up to 5 minutes either way) depending on how many children there are, how quickly children complete activities etc.

What would be the best party package to hold in a smaller room (e.g. a living room, kitchem or play room)
Either the Amazing Electrics or Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza parties are the best to carry out in a slightly smaller space. We tend to find that the Crazy Chemical Celebration and Sweets and Surprises parties require a bit more room. However, if you are unable to find a larger venue and your child has his/her heart set on one of these parties, please do contact us and let us know and we will be able to adapt very easily.

What do we need to give you before the party?
All we ask for is a small deposit and for you to return the booking form you were sent when you enquired. If you need another booking form please email info@www.funscienceusa.com and we will be happy to help.

Is my venue big enough?
Our parties do not require a lot of room, just enough for the children to sit on the floor around a mat in front of a table. The Crazy Chemical Celebration requires children to get up and move around a little bit more. The perfect space would be a large room or a hall but we have run parties in some very small spaces before and are easily able to adapt!

Do children need to bring old clothes to the party?
The only party package that contains any mess is the Crazy Chemical Celebration and Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza where children will be using washable paint. This is contained in a pot and generally does not get anywhere near the children’s clothes but kids do have a habit of getting messy! So, we would say probably not but this is entirely up to you.

Is the price for the after school clubs per session or for the entire 5 week program?
This price is for the entire 5 week program per child.

What is the minimum number of children required for the after school program?
We need 8 children in order to run the program, however this number may be increased or decreased depending on your location.

As a school, do we need to provide any resources?
All we require is a room with access to water for our after school program.

Do you require any adult help for the after school program?

Our science tutors are fully trained and checked and so no adult help would be required from the school as long as a first aider is on site (As the club is run directly after school time, this is not often a problem).

What ages is your club aimed at?
The club is aimed at children aged from 4-11.

Do you teach all ages at once or should we offer the program to one grade?
The club can be adapted to teach all ages at once which can help smaller schools to reach the 8 child minimum threshold, however if you would like to offer it to only one or two grades, this is completely up to you.

What will happen once we decide we would like you to run an after school program in my school?

Once we have decided what day the program will run on we can send you enough letters to send out to all the children you would like to offer the program to. These will also contain a form to complete and hand back to your school office. After the hand in deadline we will give you a call and see if enough children have returned forms for us to run the program. If they have we will drop into your school to pick up the forms and then send you a register of all children enrolled on the course.